Measure twice. Cut once. Encourage again and again.

Everyone’s life tells a story. There may be chapters of hurt, but there are always unwritten pages of possibility.
ReWorkers aren’t just employees. With time and trust, motivation and support, they become family.

Deniel je sen o každém studentovi střední školy: je krásný, vtipný a. Sakra Expert Girl. Ideální možnost pro „začátečníky“. Je pravda, že existuje lekarna online “, ale”: Daniel Professional Herečka. Samozřejmě v porno. Film ukazuje život „zevnitř“ filmového průmyslu pro dospělé – večírky, konkurence a samozřejmě touhu vyhnout se jakékoli reklamě.

Damion’s Story

Success is marked by one’s journey. Damion’s journey had been hard, but he was already a survivor when we met him. With the friendships and opportunity ReWork Project provided, Damion not only survived, he persevered, grew and even began to thrive.

Damion was part of ReWork Project before it even existed. He first jumped in to help us remodel our church space, later helping build out the ReWork location. It was clear from the beginning he wanted to be a part of our community.

At the time, Damion was living in the woods. Poor health and brutal living conditions were taking their toll. But he began building projects and even grew to be a leader in the woodshop, helping others and keeping the shop moving.

It wasn’t long before Damion became part of the family, even living with ReWork staff at times. Through friendship and discipleship, Damion began slowly turning things around despite the very real and continual challenges of health, addiction and social issues.

Eventually, Damion moved into his own place, and in 2014, moved back to North Carolina to re-establish a relationship with his family. Today, he is still off the streets and even though his success has taken him elsewhere, he will always be part of our community.


When faced for so long with the painful spiral of addiction and homelessness, the human spirit becomes extremely fragile. When Shelley came to ReWork, she was searching for far more than a place to work. She found renewed purpose. She found herself.

Shelley began at ReWork to get away from her life on the streets and her long-time addiction to heroin. She lacked confidence and healthy friendships, only smiling with her mouth closed because her addiction took many of her teeth.

Shelley chose ReWork because she didn’t think anyone would hire her. But she was eager to learn and dependable. After 6 months of encouragement and making friends, it was clear how much Shelley had changed. We knew she was capable of getting a real job, even if she hadn’t realized it.

One day she told us she got hired full-time at a fast food restaurant. Suddenly, after only 7 1/2 months at ReWork, we were throwing her a going away party.

Today, Shelley still stays in contact with Allison and continues to do better. She helps pay rent and even saved up enough money to fix her teeth. She’s been drug-free since moving to Austin, which is a feat on its own. She just needed a healthy environment and people who believe in her to show her how to believe in herself.

The struggle with homelessness can be overwhelming.
Community support is vital and everyone has something to offer.


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Join us in our mission. Make friends, teach a skill or learn something new yourself. It all matters.


Our participants make products meant to be sold. They directly profit from every handmade piece.

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