"The Ladies"


September 16, 2015

It’s important to us to have this time each week, and once a month we get a bonus! To help with cost and because they’re just awesome, 3 amazing ladies (along with 3 kids, 1 teen, and now 2 babies) have provided us a meal once a month for nearly 2 years. A fourth amazing lady recently joined in too. Through having these lunches with us, they’ve become staples of ReWork life and in the lives that work here (and it’s no secret that the food is always better when they bring it!). Quite often I’m asked when “the ladies” will be back next.

There’s more than just the blessing of food though. Every time they come, we see and experience what a heart to serve looks like. The fact is, showing up with food, kids, and babies to a woodshop in the middle of the day is a bit out of place. We’re under no illusion that it’s convenient for them to prepare a meal, load up young kids and even newborns, and come see us; and it’s safe to say we’re not just on their way somewhere.

Whether we’re ever appropriately grateful or any good at accurately showing it, their servant hearts do not go unnoticed. Our staff notices when the hassle of the lunch order, pick up, and payment process is lifted once a month. Our ReWorkers can’t help but realize there’s something out of the ordinary when they’re eating and a baby crawls up to say hi. And Jesus absolutely notices; for when they serve others they serve the King himself. (Matt 25:35-40)

We’re grateful for the blessing of lunch together on Fridays, and grateful to all those that have helped provide it over the years.

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