Together, we make amazing things.
Only some of which can actually be bought.

Everything we sell is made by hand in our woodshop in south Austin
by ReWork participants. 100% of profits go directly to our ReWorkers.

Bag Set


***This regulation set of 8 cornhole bags is not made by ReWork Project.*** Color requests depend on availability.

LOCAL PICK UP ONLY. You will be contacted within 2 business days after purchase to arrange pick-up. Email with any questions.

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The struggle with homelessness can be overwhelming.
Community support is vital and everyone has something to offer.


One-time or recurring donations help fund ReWork Project, our equipment and everything we do.


Join us in our mission. Make friends, teach a skill or learn something new yourself. It all matters.


Our participants make products meant to be sold. They directly profit from every handmade piece.

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