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September 25, 2015

What does it take to be a director for a non-profit that employs men and women, who don’t have permanent housing, to create wooden hand-made recreational products?

First, you would have to have the vision for it, the ability to see what is possible. Then you would have to have the faith and courage to make it happen. While you were making it happen, you would have to raise $40,000 (minimum) per year for the program. You would have to contact EVERYONE you could think of, and even face the ones who think you are crazy. Separately and on top of that, you would raise your own salary. Yep, raising money for the opportunity to raise more money.

You would also have to be pretty great at reading people, and helping them succeed. Whether volunteers, employees or ReWorkers, you are trying to help them all do well. Sometimes you will train them how to build a product, other times you will counsel them through their hurts and hopes, be a financial consultant, provide addiction support, or volunteer your time as a bedbug eradicator.

Oh, and if fundraising and people skills aren’t enough, you will also have to be an administrator, spreadsheet creator, blogger, social media engager, photographer, picnic table delivery person, and a project manager.

So basically to be #likeadirector, it will require a wide set of diverse skills, the courage of a lion, the faith of a true saint, and the perseverance of someone fighting hard for something they believe in. It’s a good thing we have one of those. Thank you Allison for being a wonderful director.

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