Allison Eskew

December 18, 2017


Five days folks, starting today. We have five amazing days to raise our 2018 funds. 

We need your help to get there.

Why support ReWork Project?: Because we’re working to fill the gap that meeting physical needs like housing, food, and healthcare don’t cover. Our organization’s mission doesn’t work without the organizations that help provide for those needs, but we’re convinced that they need our support just as much.

As a woodshop: we provide a job-like atmosphere and expectations for our ReWorkers. We also do what we can to aid the growth in confidence and dignity that can naturally come from learning new skills, building somethings out of nothings, and earning a wage. For the chronically homeless who may not have held a regular job in years, we serve as a stepping stone toward one. Our advantage over the “regular” workplace is our ability to extend grace upon grace to our work staff. Because we’re supported by people like you, we don’t have to keep a business agenda or meet a bottom line and we therefore have room to hire whoever wants to work. There’s room for mistakes, there’s room for learning slowly, there’s room for dealing with life’s stresses which don’t always disappear when you walk into a job, there’s even room for working on attendance and timeliness. At ReWork, while some of these things might come with consequences like any other job, our design and intention is for ALL of these things to also come with abundant grace.

As MORE than a woodshop: we provide relationship that’s personal and aim to function much like a family. This is with the purpose of encouragement, realizing one’s value, and living in community as God intended. The relationship aspect of our program is what determines the atmosphere here and carries the most weight in our mission day to day.

As our ReWorkers all have very different stories, hang ups, strengths, weaknesses and hurts – there is no blanket formula that can solve everyone’s problems. It’s overwhelming to consider even pretending to know all the answers for them. We can’t operate under the notion that we have all the answers then, but that doesn’t make it hopeless. We operate under a hope that overcomes the need for all the answers. Our hope is in the truth that Jesus changes EVERYTHING. With Christ in view there’s no one too far gone, no one of too little value, and no obstacle too massive. Because of who Jesus is there is abundant hope for all who walk in the door. We look to him, we point to him, and we rely on him.

ReWork Project is not the only good cause out there, but I assure you it is good. We’re in need of more partners this year to join us as financial supporters. You can give right now or sign up now to give monthly. As a 501(c)3 your donation is tax deductible. (check, cc, or bank transfer)

GIVE HERE (check, cc, or bank transfer)

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