Building Tables that Build Community


August 10, 2015

We’re grateful to have met Kristin Schell several months ago after hearing about her and reaching out. She shares with us a firm belief in the power of individuals in community, and has been a leader in inspiring and working with others to make that reality for more people. In her blog “The Turquoise Table” she writes about the picnic table she put in her front yard in an effort to meet her neighbors. Her sweet stories have inspired many to do the same and that’s where we come in!

Shortly after reaching out, Kristin was at our shop to meet us and learn more. She talked with our ReWorkers, saw how we did things, and turned out to be one of the most encouraging people you’ll ever meet! Kristin then started sharing about us and within a couple of weeks we had nearly a dozen orders for turquoise picnic tables, and we still get orders now.

I’m thrilled about our ReWorkers having the work, and just as thrilled about all the people jumping on board with Kristin to build community with those around them. It’s exciting for ReWork Project to be a part of that cause. I believe that being in community can be what keeps someone off the street to start with. I also believe it can make all the difference in helping someone already there get back into housing and a healthier life.

I speak for most of us here when I say that since meeting Kristin, nearly all of our work clothes are now and forever stained with hints (or masses) of turquoise paint. But hey, the color has grown on us. It not only symbolizes a busy workshop, but also the reason we’re here: to encourage and motivate each other as we grow in community. We may not be doing it by sitting around a turquoise picnic table, but we’re happy to be doing it around building them!

Read Kristin’s blog here:

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