"12 Days of Giving"

Allison Eskew

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December 12, 2016


You may think our campaign’s title this year (“12 Days of Giving”) was oh so cleverly named after the “12 Days of Christmas” song, and well if you’re thinking that then you’re obviously correct.

According to PNC Wealth Management, the “True Cost of Christmas” for 2016 based on the gifts in that song is $156,507.88 (a slight increase from last year due in part to the Turtle Doves’ lack of availability, I’m serious).

Meanwhile, according to math, ReWork Project’s “True Cost of General Expenses” for 2017 is only an even $60,000! What’s more is that over the next 12 days we will be sharing via social media 12 things that we as a program are able to give to our ReWorkers throughout their time with us. These aren’t tangible things but they do come with tangible stories and details that aren’t typically shared by us otherwise.

If you’ve heard us talk about ourselves as a relationship-based or gospel-centered program but find yourself saying, “Okay sounds good but how exactly does that play out and what makes it helpful?” then stay tuned to our social media from now until December 23rd! These are the things that we feel make us unique as a program and as we work alongside other essential organizations and programs providing aid, we help fill an important gap in the support needed during the grueling process of escaping chronic homelessness.

ReWork as a ministry is bigger than those that play a part within our walls. Our 2016 general budget was made up of contributions from a total of 67 individuals, families or small organizations as we raised just over $45,000. It’s not a huge number, 67, so each and every one made an impact. If you were a part of it, we noticed. And this year we’re making room for everyone! Please be a part of our number as we look to raise $60,000 by December 23rd!

The past couple of years we’ve hit a wall financially. To reach our goals as an organization we have to break it and that is equally dependent on repeat and new donors both. It’s dependent on you the reader of this to be in one of those groups, as I assure you our list of readers is not a long one.

At ReWork Project we don’t actually believe that you could ever put a number on the “True Cost of Christmas.” As for the 12 things we’re sharing on social media starting today, well your money is useless in that department too. While that stuff could be called priceless, we all know there are essentials that cost and do not accept things like “love” as payment (to each their own..) but require US dollars! Rent, sandpaper, birthday cakes and chop saws to name a few — so that’s where you come in! (Giving from all sides though see? 12 days of it!)

God has not slowed down His work here thus far and we trust that He is our ultimate provider. That being said, the invitation to join us in what He’s doing at ReWork is yours for the taking.

For the record, He also knows where to find all the Turtle Doves.


P.S. Check our social Dec 12-23! Facebook. Instagram & Twitter (@ReWorkPro).

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